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El Tayebi Developments is a privately owned corporate company established in the year 2006 with a focus specialization in upscale residential, commercial, investments and management. In a market that is growing more and more sophisticated and with customers increased demands and expectations, El Tayebi Developments have managed to install a name of trust and integrity, leading the real estate market with a new perspective edge. The world has changed, people’s behaviors and demands are altering and shifting by the minute. People are expecting changes that fits their busy new lives and scarce time. The traditional notion of home as just a place of comfort is collapsing and converting to a holistic genuine experience that gives them meaning. El Tayebi Developments, hence adopted a new original strategy with their residential projects, this approach is accentuated by offering not only aesthetic modern architecture designs that captures the eyes and the hearts but also by restructuring a refined lifestyle that merges the compound amenities with the residential one. Not only that, El Tayebi Developments chooses their locations carefully, they are solely found in prime locations around Cairo, from the finest districts of Maadi to New Cairo, and West Golf. El Tayebi Developments are on to carry their unique tradition to impress the market with projects that will transform the notion of real luxury living


We are here to make a difference, to change people’s lives, to enhance their everyday living habits and to be always ahead of all expectations.


El Tayebi Developments are on to impress the real estate market with dazzling artistic architecture and unmatched standards of living that guarantees a complete redefinition of how the luxury life should be.

Message from the chairman

Perfection is not a word, yet a way of life. It is the essence of success, of going forward and thriving for the best. From experience stretched back to 30 years of entrepreneurship and investments in various businesses, from tourism and hotel management to retail and real estate development. A diversity that added profound weight and insights about what the customers are really looking for, and how to influence their lives with even more than what they imagine for themselves. This is the real passion of El Tayebi Developments, the developments we offer are built with solid strings of trust and integrity, our values are the outspoken expression of each and every project delivered or to be delivered. -Remove the picture next to vision and place it next to word from the chairman

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